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Family Law Attorney in Houston, Texas

Family law issues are some of the most emotionally-charged cases in law. Divorce, adoption, child support, and child custody are all examples of family law issues. When you’re involved in a family law case, you need a compassionate and attentive attorney to guide you and represent you. If you need to resolve any familial issues in the Houston, Texas, area, call Steve Touchy Attorney at Law, a reliable and professional family law firm that’s served clients since 1983.

Steve Touchy Attorney at Law specializes in family matters. He’s helped his clients solve countless familial situations during his three-decade career.

In Need of a Family Law Attorney?

Texas Family Law

Texas family law regulations are generally similar to the rest of the country. Family law attorneys assist clients in solving issues like:

  • Adoption: any adult may adopt any child in Texas. The court will only finalize an adoption if the child has lived in the home for more than six months. A child older than 12 years of age must consent to an adoption. Adoption allows a child to be considered your next-of-kin in the eyes of the law and can affect things like inheritance or access to medical records.Gavel surrounded by 2 larger chess pieces and 2 smaller pieces

  • Divorce: In Texas, neither spouse needs to prove the other is at fault. The most significant part of most divorces is dividing the couple’s marital assets. In addition, there’s a 60-day waiting period between when a spouse files the divorce and when the proceedings begin.

  • Alimony: this is usually decided during divorce proceedings. If one spouse makes significantly more money than the other, the lower-earning spouse can file a petition to force their counterpart to make alimony payments. The goal of alimony is to prevent a lower-earning spouse from experience a significant drop in their quality of life after a divorce. The court uses child support to help spouses who withdrew from the workforce to handle domestic tasks.

  • Child support: the court usually also addresses this during the divorce process. However, if the court has already approved child support payments from your divorce proceedings and your spouse is refusing to pay, a family law lawyer can help you pursue the money you deserve.

  • Child custody: another issue decided during divorce, child custody determines more than where a child will spend their time. It also affects which parent can make educational, religious, or medical choices on behalf of a child.

The Benefits of Hiring a Family Attorney

Steve Touchy Attorney at Law is an experienced and personable family lawyer who offers a variety of services. He can assess the facts of your situation, apply the law correctly, and argue your case in court. They can also complete any legal paperwork and make sure you don’t miss any court-approved deadlines. An attorney can also offer a few unique benefits in family law cases. They can help you distance yourself from your case, allowing you to begin healing emotionally. They’ve also seen similar situations to yours before and can dispense advice about how to move on after your divorce.

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If you need a family law attorney in the Houston, Cypress, or Jersey Village, Texas, area who will fight tooth and nail for their clients, call Steve Touchy Attorney at Law. He combines the legal knowledge, background, and competency of a big-name law firm with the personal touch of a single-lawyer practice. If you need an experienced family law attorney that you can rely on to handle your case, contact Steve Touchy Attorney at Law today.